ITSM & Technical Support

The best service providers are the best problem solvers

What does it cost your business when IT is down? When minutes can mean millions, every moment counts. We support ITSM Operations and Technical Support functions to improve their problem-solving capabilities and deliver a world-class customer service experience.

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“We achieved a 67% reduction in Priority 1 incidents. The results were so impressive that the rest of the IT organization asked for the KT training too.”
Joe Gallagher

“Love KT, it's problem solving made easy. Now I go around looking for problems so I can solve them. Rock on KT, ROCK ON!!”
Silas Molefe, ITSM Support Engineer, Dimension Data


IT Service Management (ITSM) is leveraged to instill best practices and help your organization deliver consistent services. Effective problem solving and incident and problem management are at the heart of effective IT Service Management.

ITSM products and services from Kepner-Tregoe are best-of-breed training and consulting services. They measurably lower costs, improve IT stability and provide a better customer experience.

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Improving Incident Management Performance at Target

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Global Bank reduces priority 1 incidents by 50%

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Tech Support

Vendors of technology products and services support their customers in many different ways. Having a consistent methodology for troubleshooting, problem solving and managing during a crisis helps differentiate you from your competition and empowers your company to deliver the world-class customer experience users expect from you as their supplier.

Kepner-Tregoe helps your organization deliver improved support through world-class training and consulting services.

Customer Satisfaction is at the Heart & Soul of Cisco

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ServiceNow™ Plugins from Kepner-Tregoe enable increased ROI from your ServiceNow technology investment. Having the Kepner-Tregoe troubleshooting processes fully integrated into your IT Service Management approach is a proven way to improve measurably the effectiveness of IT and the business.

If you are a ServiceNow customer wanting to leverage the Kepner-Tregoe troubleshooting processes as part of your ITSM and ServiceNow work-flows, then you can now integrate this capability with other workflows within the ServiceNow environment.

The best service companies are better problem solvers

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Improve Incident, Problem and Change Management

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Simulation training makes the transition from theory to practice to adoption easy. Learning any new skill can be hard, applying what you have learned when back on the job and under pressure can be harder.

The best way to reinforce the classrom training and learning is through practice. Working in a group dynamic, you can practice, receive immedate feedback and achieve greater proficiency and success.

Participants gain the confidence they need to recognize problems, troubleshoot them and make decisions that lead to more positive outcomes.